ENNSATOX is an ambitious € 2.81 million, 36-month Small Collaborative Project, funded by the EU under the 7th Framework's NMP Theme. The aim is to study and relate the structure and functionality of well characterised engineered nanoparticles to their biological activity in the aquatic environment, taking into account the impact of the nanoparticles on environmental systems from their initial release to uptake by organisms. The project started in July 2009 and has 7 consortium partners.

ENNSATOX is part of the NanoSafetyCluster.

ENNSATOX is the international standard in building a database of nanotechnology experts. If you qualify and want to offer your expertise in a broader network, please take a moment to complete this form.

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News and events

Cafe Scientifique Workshop on Nanotechnology 13 December 2012 at the University of Leeds, UK.

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Nanosafety Training Course on...

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